Who Is Eligible?

Attorneys Northwest Inc.‘s fee schedule is arranged to target middle-to-low-income Idahoans whose income might disqualify them from traditional legal aid services offered through federal or state programs. We are able to serve individuals and families from all income levels by offering reduced rates based on income.

We have created a tiered (sliding scale) system to meet the needs of Idahoans from every income bracket.  The scale is based on the Federal Poverty Levels (FPL).  We currently have 4 tiers based on your household income:


REDUCED FIRST TIER: Households earning less than 100% of FPL

REDUCED SECOND TIER: Households earning 101-125% of FPL

REDUCED THIRD TIER: Households earning 126-200% of FPL

REDUCED FOURTH TIER: Households earning 201-250% of FPL

STANDARD RATE: Households earning 251%+


To qualify for our reduced rates (tiers 1-4), proof of income is required and you must fall below a dollar value asset limit.  Those with liquid assets above a certain level (determined by program area) are not eligible for reduced rates.  However, we encourage you to inquire about the asset limit for your specific program (these vary by area of law).

Those who wish to keep their income and asset levels private are able to retain our services at our Standard Rate.

Standard Rate Information:

Individuals that do not qualify for our Reduced Rates because they earn over 250% of the Federal Poverty Levels are still able to retain our services at our Standard Rate. These income earners supplement the modest fees collected from our reduced fee clientele and are supporting our cause by contributing to their local community and directly benefitting our lower income clients.  Our Standard Rates still represents a discounted rate compared to local standards.  By utilizing the services of Attorneys Northwest, Inc., you are not sacrificing quality of service; our attorneys are experienced, capable, and eager to serve you.

As a non-profit, our mission is to serve low-to-moderate income earners; however, we accept Standard Rate clients as our case loads allow to supplement our modest fees charged to reduced rate clients.


Saving You Money:

At Attorneys Northwest, Inc., we are dedicated to keeping your legal costs down, while still providing quality service.  Where appropriate, we will utilize the services of our experienced paralegals and support staff (at the direction of our attorneys) to keep your legal costs down.  Our hourly rates charged for paralegals and support staff are also reduced.