Affordable And Experienced Coeur d’Alene Attorneys

As a passionate advocate for individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses, Attorneys Northwest Inc., offers access to competent but affordable legal services necessary to preserve your rights and protect your family, successfully launch and manage a business or nonprofit or protect a loved one.

We offer legal services to help you start and profitably manage your organization. Our affordable legal services can benefit nonprofit organizations, individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs.

You can retain us for as many — or as few — of our legal services that you need in the following areas:

  • PROBATE AND ELDER LAW: We can help you manage your personal estate, help care for a loved one through guardianships or conservatorships, or finalize a loved one’s affairs in the probate process.
  • FAMILY LAW: We provide representation for couples facing divorce, child custody matters, adoptions, guardianships, child protection matters, and paternity law matters.
  • BUSINESS LAW: We can negotiate contracts and leases, review budgets, employee and employer compliance issues, and manage risk and employees. We help you manage your workforce, and prepare handbooks and manuals for management and employees.
  • BUSINESS FORMATION: We can assist you in preparing the documents to incorporate, set up an LLC, partnership or nonprofit organization. We will help set a solid legal foundation for your success.
  • REAL PROPERTY DISPUTES: When property disputes arise between neighbors or clear title is impaired, we can identify and resolve the legal issues preventing clear ownership of your property.
  • LITIGATION: We can represent you in most civil litigation matters to which you or your business is a party. Litigation and trial are often expensive ways to resolve conflicts. Our experienced attorneys will explore other dispute resolution procedures to help minimize the expense and emotional toll that litigation can take.
  • SELF-HELP IN SMALL CLAIMS COURT: We can provide à la carte legal services to individuals who need guidance when representing themselves in small claims and court proceedings.
  • NONPROFIT LAW: With a special emphasis on nonprofit legal needs, we have assisted many organizations with litigation and unique management needs. Attorneys Northwest Inc. can prepare your nonprofit organization’s bylaws and legal formation documents and help you help others.
  • CRIMINAL LAW: We offer legal defense for many criminal legal matters.
  • BASIC ESTATE PLANNING: Take advantage of our low-cost will packages.

You do not need to be involved in a lawsuit to retain our services. We review documents and contracts received from opposing parties and can provide one-time consultations at a minimal rate.

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