Self-Help In Small Claims Court

While parties are not represented in small claims lawsuits, it is advisable to retain a lawyer in a limited scope. Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, a lawyer at Attorneys Northwest, Inc., can help you:

  • Understand the law and the evidence required to prepare your case.
  • Clarify confusing legal issues that arise.
  • Identify what evidence will best support their argument.
  • Prepare for hearings and understand what to expect in court.

This kind of counsel, even in a limited scope, can help give you an advantage as you seek justice in small claims court. It can also help ease the financial burden of legal services while still setting you up for success.

If you are dealing with a legal dispute and need low-cost representation to help you prepare for proceedings in small claims court, contact our team at Attorneys Northwest Inc. As a nonprofit organization, our law firm can offer à la carte legal services to meet your needs without costing you significantly in legal fees.

Comprehensive Options At A Modest Fee

We handle a wide range of plaintiff or defendant representation in lawsuits and civil litigation matters, including:

  • Estate disputes and will contests
  • Breach of contract
  • Business partnership disputes
  • Probate litigation
  • Real estate disputes
  • Employment law disputes
  • Consumer protection

We do receive inquiries about criminal matters, but unfortunately do not provide these legal services at the time. As we expand our practice, we may be able to provide criminal defense in the future. We encourage you to check back for more information.

Attorneys Dedicated To Securing Your Access To Justice

When you work with Attorneys Northwest Inc., you will have access to the same caliber of legal resources of any for-profit law firm, but it will be delivered at a financially accessible rate.

How do we do it? Our firm is a nonprofit organization, which means profits are not funneled back to investors or law firm partners. Any profits return back to the organization to help further our mission of helping people throughout Idaho get high-quality accessible legal services.

Contact our office in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, online or by telephone at 208-292-3934 to arrange a consultation.